Cool Chimp Club

MiNT is LiVE!

What is Cool Chimp Club?

Cool Chimp Club is a CC0 collection of 10,000 handcrafted and randomly assembled chimps living on the Ethereum blockchain, it's home to a wide variety of personalities, from artists, hackers and degens to boomers and zoomers. Each chimp is made up of a unique combination of hair, hats, eyes, mouths and outfits to match your vibe. Our Club is community-driven, holding a Chimp allows you to take part in coordinating the Club's treasury, development and direction. If you haven't found your place in the metaverse, Chimp-in peeps!


Total Chimps 10,000

Backgrounds 8

Skins 10

Bodies 106

Heads 95

Mouths 58

Eyes 61

Super Chimps 20


-What is the supply?

-What is the cost?

-What's on the Roadmap?

-Which Blockchain?

There will be a total of 10,000 NFTs available.

Cool Chimps are FREE to mint. You have to pay only Gas.

There are no roads for chimps.


-What determines which chimp I get?

Each Chimp is genetically constructed, we use an on-chain set of traits and random numbers.

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